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      Shorewood Birthday Marker

Every Home has a Birthday to Celebrate!

To call attention to the history of our homes and neighborhoods, the Shorewood Historical Society has designed a granite “Birthday Marker” that will call attention to the year a Shorewood home was built. 

8"x 8" x 2" engraved granite

The Markers are 8 inches square and 2 inches thick. The granite is engraved with the Shorewood Historical Society logo and the date. The date will be finished with black lithochrome to highlight the date. The Marker will be placed in the parkway in front of the designated home, either adjacent to the carriage walk/sidewalk or centered on the parkway next to the sidewalk. They will be embedded flush with the walk and yard.

The markers are available to all Shorewood residents for purchase from the Shorewood Historical Society. The Historical Society will arrange for installation.

The Shorewood Assessor’s records will be used to determine the year each home was built unless the homeowner has documentation to prove the Assessor’s record is not accurate (e.g. the Assessor’s date may reflect a land purchase date rather than the year construction was completed).

Markers must be ordered by September 30, 2023. NO EXCEPTIONS. The order to manufacture the Markers will be placed on October 1, 2023. Professional installation begins in mid-October and will continue until the project is completed. The Historical Society and the contractor will determine the installation schedule.

Installed Price!

Shorewood Historical Society Markers:



To check the birth date or year built of your residence on Village records, go to: This is your tax record and the “year built" can be found in this document directly under the picture of your house. Only use your street name when searching on the assessor’s site. Do not include E., N., St., Ave., etc.

Preferred location: corner of carriage walk and sidewalk. Alternate: centered adjacent to the sidewalk.

If you have questions about the marker that you would like answered before you place your order, contact:
Bob Dean




overall view
Overview of the scale of the marker in front of a Shorewood home.
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